ASSISTANCE DOGS GLASGOW is an Owner Trained Assistance Dog service.  I will come to your home and assess your dog for being a potential Assistance Dog.  There will be an initial interview with you to gather information on your Assistance requirements and a quick temperament assessment of your dog.

Should you decide to go ahead with training there will be in person training at your home, online training and location training. I am able to train your dog to assist a person with physical disabilities, psychological trauma such as PTSD, neuro diversity such as Autism, hearing loss and alert for seizures, change in blood sugar levels etc.

What makes me different from other trainers?

Positive Reinforcement and Force Free trainer

Fully Certified Service Dog Coach - Co-Operative Paws

Fully Qualified Trainer with:
the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT),
The Dog Training College (DTC)
Licensed Canine Body Language Instructor (DTC)
Reactivity Specialist (DTC)

Pet dog 1st Aider

Fully Insured

Dogs are my passion

Please note: Therapy and Emotional Support dogs are not classed as Assistance Dogs, however I am still able to train your dog for Support Needs.
I have trained dogs to become Therapy Dogs for Secondary Schools in Glasgow.  If you would like further information about this service please contact me directly.